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Traditional Men's Hakama

Traditional Men's Hakama

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S: Length of the hakama: 87cm /Suggested height: 160-167cm
M: Length of the hakama: 91cm/Suggested height: 168-174cm
L: Length of the hakama: 95cm /Suggested height: 175-181cm
XL: Length of the hakama: 99cm /Suggested height: 182-190cm

🔸🔸Attention customers:
Due to high demand, our Hakama product frequently goes out of stock. To ensure availability, please send us a direct message with your desired style and size before placing an order. Thank you!

🔸While hakama used to be a required part of menswear, nowadays typical Japanese men usually wear hakama only on extremely formal occasions and at tea ceremonies, weddings, and funerals.

Hakama are worn with any type of kimono except yukata (light cotton summer kimono generally worn for relaxing, for sleeping or at festivals or summer outings). While glossy black-and-white striped sendaihira hakama are usually worn with formal kimono, stripes in colours other than black, grey and white are worn with less formal wear. Solid and graduated (ombré) colours are also common.

Processing time varies on our workload and your alteration requirements. We will try our best to ship it sooner. If you need it urgently, we provide ① express shipping ②Fedex/UPS shipping. You can change the shipping options during checkout.

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