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Custom-fit Oiran Kimono Set 005

Custom-fit Oiran Kimono Set 005

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Personalised Japanese kimono / kimono Japanese / kimono dress women/ Japanese gift / Japanese dress / Traditional dress

🌸This kimono set is bright and luxurious. It comes with a kimono, a Uchikake, and a large Obi.
🌸Custom-made to buyer’s specific body measurements

Uchikake is a highly formal kimono that is currently worn by a bride or at a stage performance. It is supposed to be worn outside the actual kimono and obi (sash), as a sort of coat, and never ties the obi around the uchikake. It is believed that uchikake started to be worn by the high-class samurai family women in the Muromachi era (1336–1573). During the Edo era (1603–1868), uchikake became a more common kimono for the high-class women like the oiran in Yoshiwara.

In the past, there existed a government-approved entertainment district where women called yujyo worked. The top rank of these women were oiran (courtesans). You may have seen oiran in anime or manga.
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