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Heko Obi, Yukata Obi, Gradient colours

Heko Obi, Yukata Obi, Gradient colours

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Heko Obi, Yukata Obi, with gradient colours, NO.WP003

Length: around 400cm, Width: around 45cm

Heko obi are a very casual type of obi worn with informal types of Japanese kimono such as yukata. These long loose strips of fabric can be as long as 14 ft in length, and due to their length and style options can be worn in a wide variety of styles. Heko obi can be worn by any gender, at any age. However, there are colors and styles usually worn to demonstrate a gender. These kinds of obi do not require additional accessories to be worn, and can be as simple as tying a pair of shoes to put on.

We suggest you to use the "Mae ita" (Thin flexible plate) if available and tuck it between the obi for more stability. 

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