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Kitsuke Tool/ Kimono Wearing Tool 11PCS Set

Kitsuke Tool/ Kimono Wearing Tool 11PCS Set

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Everything you would need to wear a full kimono in in the traditional Japanese style. Please notice that, for the kimono and obi in our shop are mostly designed and modified as user-friendly and beginner-friendly. You can wear them without these tools. But for the vintage kimono and obi, they are much more difficult to wear, these tools will definitely help a lot.

🌸Koshihimo, Koshi himo Waist Tie/Belt 腰紐*3-- strings to prevent the kimono from slipping

Koshihimo are soft, wide strings, usually pink or white, used to tie the kimono or yukata and keep it from opening. On average, 3-4 are used during one fitting.

How to use the three koshihimo
1. Wear Nagajyuban and tie it under your chest.

2. Put on a kimono and tie it to make Ohasyori.

3. Tie under the chest of the kimono.

🌸🌸Datejime belt* 1+Magic belt* 1 (2 pcs in total) 伊達帶 --It's used to tie and hold the kimono, hold a kimono shut underneath the more decorative obi.

A small, thin fabric belt worn over the kimono and under the obi in order to protect the fabric and stablize the area. Date-jime is the second belt to tie around the waist over Koshi Himo first belt (before Obi belt) to hold Nagajuban and Kimono in place. If the datejime has a velcro closer, it is also celled magic belt.

🌸Obi Makura obi pillow/obi pad /pad for obi 帶枕*1

This is an obi accessory that get tied around the torso to keep the obi secured and to hold the obi in the correct shape after being tied. It keeps the shape of obi beautiful. It is necessary when making otaiko musubi.

🌸Front obiita broad with an elastic band 前板*1 —A tool to prevent wrinkles on the obi

To stiffen the front of an obi. Insert into obi fold at the front to stiffen obi and prevent creasing and keep shape of obi while moving.

🌸 Back obi-ita board 後板*1 —A tool to prevent wrinkles on the obi

🌸Kitsuke Korin belt *1 胸紐
It is a convenient item that can be snapped on by sandwiching the collar to prevent the collar from opening loosely. Both ends are clips, and the belt part is rubber. You can also adjust the length, and the way the collar is aligned is stable and prevents it from collapsing. Can be used instead of himo.

🌸Erishin/collar stiffeners 領芯*1 —Make a beautiful curve around the neck

Erishin are collar stiffeners that are slid into juban collars for kimono-wearing, and yukata collars for summer fun and fashion. Make a great kimono collar look firm.

🌸🌸 Two pieces kimono underwear, two-piece juban, HadaJuban - 肌襦袢*1 +Susoyoke 裾除け*1

🌸Sanju-himo/triple string 三重紐 *1
This strap is a tool used for dressing in more formal obi types like furisode obi-musubi. It enables you to create various shapes of obi tying.

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