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Komon Kimono, Rabbit pattern, TK018

Komon Kimono, Rabbit pattern, TK018

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🌸Length: 163cm
🌸Including Komon Kimono only

“Komon” are a type of kimono with a repeated pattern created with a stencil-dyeing technique called “katazome.” “Komon” means “small pattern,” but the actual size of the patterns can vary. They can be placed on the entirety of the kimono with almost no plain areas, or leave some negative space in between the patterns.

In general, komon are considered daily wear, but the occasions when you can wear this type of kimono change depending on the pattern, accessories, and atmosphere of the event. For example, more lavish patterns such as traditional tools are perfect for casual parties, theater performances, dinner parties, and tea parties. More casual types of komon such as flowers can be used to attend lessons for traditional Japanese dance, music, tea ceremony, and flower arrangement, as well as gatherings with friends and walking around town.

As komon come in a multitude of patterns, you can appreciate seasonal designs such as flowers, but also explore a range of patterns from geometric to animals and characters, or tools such as folding fans or drums, and much more. Used as everyday wear, komon is comparable to a casual and fashionable dress, so you can match accessories with strong colors and unique patterns and express your sense of fashion.

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