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Rank S/A+ Japanese Vintage Kimono

Rank S/A+ Japanese Vintage Kimono

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身丈(clothes length from the shoulder): 162cm
裄丈(the length from the center of the neck to the bottom of the sleeve): 68cm
袖丈 (sleeve length): 48cm

Kimono Material : Silk
Condition : Rank S/A+ please check photo.

Rank N (10/10) : Unused/Brand New
Rank S (9.9/10): Nearly Unused. Almost no spots or dirt in inconspicuous places.
Rank A (9.5/10): Good Condition. Few small marks/flaws but not obvious.
Rank B (8/10) – Used. These are fairly used items with some marks, but the overall appearance is in good condition. You can still wear it.
Rank C: These are heavily used items with obvious wear in the form of marks.
Rank D/E: Don't recommend wearing, but can reuse the silk fabric for other handmade items.

Features: Yūzen
Yūzen textile refers to a traditional Japanese textile dyeing technique that involves hand-painting silk fabric with intricate designs. It is named after Miyazaki Yūzen, a famous Kyoto-based painter and textile artist who developed the Yūzen method in the 17th century.

The process of creating Yūzen textiles begins with the design stage. A skilled artist draws the desired design onto the fabric using a brush and black ink. The design is then divided into different parts, and each part is assigned a specific color. Stencils or paste resist techniques may be used to create boundaries and prevent colors from bleeding into each other.

Once the design is prepared, the artist applies the dyes using a brush or other tools. The dyes are carefully applied to the fabric, following the outlines of the design. This requires a high level of skill and attention to detail, as even a small mistake can affect the overall appearance of the finished textile.

After the dyeing process is complete, the fabric is steamed to set the colors and make them permanent. It is then washed to remove any excess dye and the design is further enhanced if needed. The final step is often ironing the fabric to give it a smooth finish.

Creating Yūzen textiles requires a high level of craftsmanship and expertise. The artists who specialize in Yūzen undergo years of training to develop their skills. They possess a deep understanding of dyeing techniques, color theory, and the specific materials used in the process. The combination of technical skill, artistic talent, and years of experience involved in creating Yūzen textiles is highly respected and admired.

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