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Rank A- Vintage Furisode Kimono, VK012

Rank A- Vintage Furisode Kimono, VK012

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Vintage Japanese Kimono, Silk kimono dress, Women kimono, High-quality Kimono

Length of kimono: 163cm
Middle Back to Wrist : 66cm
Sleeve Length: 105cm

Photos: Taken by phone, indoor lighting

Material: Silk

Condition: Rank A- (9.5/10) Good Condition. Items that are in good condition with only minor imperfections, such as a few small marks or flaws that are not obvious.

The real color of the kimono is basically the same as the photos. The rich, vibrant colors of this kimono can make the wearer appear bright, energetic, and radiant. Beyond just the aesthetic appeal, the bold hues also tend to conceal minor stains and dirt quite effectively. I would highly recommend this color for anyone who wants to make a statement and stand out.

*While we take great care in inspecting the kimono, it is possible that some imperfections may have been overlooked. Please note that as a vintage item, this kimono may have minor flaws or signs of wear that are typical of its age and history.

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