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Rank A Tsukesage kimono, A04

Rank A Tsukesage kimono, A04

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Length of kimono: 155cm

Middle Back to Wrist (This measurement starts at the middle of your spine, around the nape of your neck): 61cm

Sleeve Drop (the length of the sleeve measured if you hold your arm straight out and measure from your wrist to the bottom of the sleeve): 54cm

Material: Silk

Condition: Rank A
- Rank S (9.9/10): Unused/Nearly Unused.
- Rank A (9.5/10): Good Condition. Items that are in good condition with only minor imperfections, such as a few small marks or flaws that are not obvious.
- Rank B (8/10) – Used. Items that have been fairly used and show some signs of wear, such as minor scratches or scuffs, but are still good to wear.
- Rank C: Heavily Used. These items show more obvious signs of wear, such as marks or stains, or fading, but they are still usable and may be suitable for casual occasions.
- Rank D/E: We do not recommend wearing these items, but the high-quality silk fabric can still be repurposed for other handmade items.

*While we take great care in inspecting the kimono, it is possible that some imperfections may have been overlooked. Please note that as a vintage item, this kimono may have minor flaws or signs of wear that are typical of its age and history.
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