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Rank A Vintage Qibaowen 七宝(しっぽう) Obi Belt, OB062

Rank A Vintage Qibaowen 七宝(しっぽう) Obi Belt, OB062

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This pattern 七宝(しっぽう)is composed of overlapping divisions of the circumference, and the central part resembles sparkling stars, while the overlapping sections resemble petals, which inevitably evoke associations of offspring, fate, and fulfillment, making it very auspicious.

Size: 420*31cm

Material : Silk

Made in Japan

Condition : Rank A

Rank N (10/10) : Unused/Brand New
Rank S (9.9/10): Nearly Unused. Almost no spots or dirt in inconspicuous places.
Rank A (9.5/10): Good Condition. Few small marks/flaws but not obvious.
Rank B (8/10) – Used. These are fairly used items with some marks, but the overall appearance is in good condition. You can still wear it.
Rank C: These are heavily used items with obvious wear in the form of marks.
Rank D/E: Don't recommend wearing, but can reuse the silk fabric for other handmade items.

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