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Rank N Unused Houmongi Kimono, A09

Rank N Unused Houmongi Kimono, A09

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This is a Rank N Japanese Vintage Antique Silk Houmougi Kimono one pcs only /high quality kimono from Japan.

身丈(clothes length from the shoulder): 160cm
裄丈(the length from the center of the neck to the bottom of the sleeve): 64cm
袖丈 (sleeve length): 63.5 cm

Feature: 螺鈿
螺鈿 refers to a traditional decorative technique known as "shell inlay" or "mother-of-pearl inlay" in English. It involves the process of cutting and embedding thin pieces of shells, particularly mother-of-pearl, into a surface, such as wood or lacquerware, to create intricate patterns and designs. The shells are carefully shaped and fitted together, and then secured in place using adhesive or other methods. The resulting artwork or decorative piece showcases the natural iridescence and shimmering qualities of the shells, creating a visually stunning effect. This technique has been widely used in various art forms, including furniture, decorative objects, and traditional crafts, to add a touch of elegance and beauty.

Kimono Material : Silk
Condition : Rank N/ please check photo.

Rank N (10/10) : Unused/Brand New
Rank S (9.9/10): Nearly Unused. Almost no spots or dirt in inconspicuous places.
Rank A (9.5/10): Good Condition. Few small marks/flaws but not obvious.
Rank B (8/10) – Used. These are fairly used items with some marks, but the overall appearance is in good condition. You can still wear it.
Rank C: These are heavily used items with obvious wear in the form of marks.
Rank D/E: Don't recommend wearing, but can reuse the silk fabric for other handmade items.

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