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Women Hakama, HA006

Women Hakama, HA006

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🌸Colour choices of the hakama:
Purple Red: The hakama have a stunning gradient of colors, blending shades of purple and red beautifully.
Indigo: Indigo is a captivating color that falls between blue and violet on the color spectrum. It is often described as a deep purplish-blue or a rich blue with a hint of purple. Indigo is known for its vibrant and saturated nature, which can evoke a sense of mystery and depth when used in the hakama.

🌸Size (Choose according to your height)
S: 150-158cm/Length of hakama: 87cm
M:157-162cm/Length of hakama: 91cm
L: 163-172cm/Length of hakama: 95cm
XL:172cm or above//Length of hakama: 99cm

Purple Red (L): only 4 left
Purple Red (M): only 2 left
Indigo: only 2 left

Processing time varies on our workload and your alteration requirements. We will try our best to ship it sooner. If you need it urgently, we provide ① express shipping ②Fedex/UPS shipping. You can change the shipping options during checkout.

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