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Black Pre-tied obi belt, OB017

Black Pre-tied obi belt, OB017

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⭐This obi is user-friendly and beginner friendly, you do not need to tie the obi by yourself, avoid having to learn any difficult tying techniques

⭐Little knowledge
Obi is a belt that is wrapped around the body of a Japanese kimono and tied to hold the kimono together when wearing it. Like a glamorous necklace, the obi belt can make or break a kimono outfit. It is often a signature, a fashion statement, a focus point for the whole look. In fact, it is the obi belt that determines the formality of a kimono, so the same kimono worn with different obi can give a totally different impression. For women, the obi is tied around the abdomen, whereas for men it is lower, around the waist or above the hips.

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