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Bellflower Tassel Hair Pin, HP001

Bellflower Tassel Hair Pin, HP001

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Hair sticks or also known as hair pins, hair forks have been in use for thousands of years, and have been found in Asian cultures like Chinese culture, Korean culture and Japanese culture. Since most people in ancient times grew their hair long, hair accessories were not only needed to keep hairstyles in place, but developed into an elaborate culture. It was such a widely understood visual language that one could tell a woman’s rank and marital status by the way she wore her hair. Nowadays, people do not wear hair sticks to show their social rank but for beauty. It is considered as exotic, elegant and unqiue hair accessories. Many girls or women buy hair sticks for matching their qipao or kimono, or simply wear them to stand out their daily outfit. It would be a perfect gift for yourself or for your friends, lover, or family members. Imagine if the one you love receive these as Christmas gifts, Valentine‘s Gift, birthday gift, or Mother's Day gift, they must be surprised as they would never have imagined receiving it!!!

Length: 7.5cm

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