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Lace Kimono, Easy Wear Kimono, K0012

Lace Kimono, Easy Wear Kimono, K0012

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Dress Length: 160cm / Widest Bust Measurement: 110cm


🌸 Set

4PCS Set: kimono, obi (same as what shown in the model photos), obijime

8PCS Full set:

kimono, obi, small handbag, hair accessory, collar, white lace gloves and pearl obijime (For the first five items, they are same as what the model wears)

🌸Our easy-wear kimono is a practical alternative to traditional kimono. It is designed to be easy to wear, as it skips the folding process, and is ideal for those who are new to wearing kimono.

Please note that the easy-wear kimono is not as wide as a traditional kimono and is suitable for wearers with bust measurements under 110cm. If you have a more ample body size or a tall body figure, we would recommend purchasing a traditional kimono. Although it is more complex to wear due to the folding process, it is wider and longer, and can fit better.

Processing time varies on our workload and your alteration requirements. We will try our best to ship it sooner. If you need it urgently, we provide ① express shipping ②Fedex/UPS shipping. You can change the shipping options during checkout.

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