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Rank A-/B+ Vintage Black Tomesode Kimono/ A58

Rank A-/B+ Vintage Black Tomesode Kimono/ A58

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Rank A-/B+ Vintage Japanese Kimono/ Black Tomesode Kimono/ Women formal kimono/Traditional Pattern/Locating Stitches/Tradional clothing/ A58

[With locating stitches]- It is common for a new kimono to have some locating stitchesl, also known as tacking stitches. These temporary stitches are used to keep the various layers of the kimono fabric in place during the sewing process. It may be left in place to help the kimono keep its shape during storage. People typically remove the locating stitches before wearing a kimono. Leaving the stitches in place can cause the fabric to pucker or pull in an unflattering way when the kimono is worn. That being said, if a kimono still has its locating stitches, it is likely that it has not been worn or only worn briefly.


Length of kimono: 151cm

Middle Back to Wrist (This measurement starts at the middle of your spine, around the nape of your neck): 64.5cm

Sleeve Drop (the length of the sleeve measured if you hold your arm straight out and measure from your wrist to the bottom of the sleeve): 52.5cm

Material: Silk

Condition: Rank A-/B+

There are some stains on the Doura 胴裏 ( the upper lining of the inside of the kimono) and Susomawashi - 裾回し(the lower lining of the inside of the kimono). However, there is no stains found on the outer part of the kimono.

- Rank S (9.9/10): Unused/Nearly Unused.
- Rank A (9.5/10): Good Condition. Items that are in good condition with only minor imperfections, such as a few small marks or flaws that are not obvious.
- Rank B (8/10) – Used. Items that have been fairly used and show some signs of wear, such as minor scratches or scuffs, but are still good to wear.
- Rank C: Heavily Used. These items show more obvious signs of wear, such as marks or stains, or fading, but they are still usable and may be suitable for casual occasions.
- Rank D/E: We do not recommend wearing these items, but the high-quality silk fabric can still be repurposed for other handmade items.

*While we take great care in inspecting the kimono, it is possible that some imperfections may have been overlooked. Please note that as a vintage item, this kimono may have minor flaws or signs of wear that are typical of its age and history.

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