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Red Geisha Geta Sandals

Red Geisha Geta Sandals

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Geta, Geta Sandals, Kimono Shoes, Kimono Sandal, Japanese Sandals

Height: around 10cm

8.8cm(for EU33,34,35)
9.5cm(for EU36-37)
9.8cm(for EU38-40)

22.5cm(for EU33,34,35)
23.5cm(for EU36,37)
24.5cm(for EU38,39,40)

Japanese geta are a form of traditional Japanese footwear, usually made from wood. Design-wise, you could say geta sit somewhere between a beach flip-flop and a Dutch clog! Geta are most commonly worn with yukata or worn in informal occasions. Yukata are a summer outfit so on such occasion they are traditionally worn without socks. But this is not a hard and fast rule: if your feet are cold, get some tabi socks on!

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